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Oxford Blocked Drains provide state of the art drain surveys using latest technology CCTV equipmentdrain survey oxford

If your sewers or drains have become clogged and you need the problem diagnosed, we can provide CCTV pictures to diagnose and assess the problem areas.

Our cameras are able to navigate pipes above and below ground quickly in order to spot blockages and potential issues and to allow accurate assessments and solutions

Drain surveys are recommended for:

Homebuyers Reports – Buying a house is a big investment, and you don’t want any nasty hidden and costly surprises after you move in. We can provide a report detailing any potential or current problems such as damage to pipes, leaks, drain clogging, and tree roots which may result in drain collapse, subsidence and a large bill!

Home Vendor – Likewise if you are selling your home, you don’t want the discovery of damaged drains to hold up the sale of your property which may be discovered further down the line with a purchasers survey. By being proactive you can fix any potential problems early ensuring a smooth transaction and negating being forced to sell at a lower price or even the purchaser being put off and withdrawing.

cctv drain surveyBuilding Works – A build over survey can be carried out before and after building works such as renovations or extensions. Local water authorities will usually insist on surveys being carried out if building near or over their pipes in order to ensure there are no defects prior to building that will conceal the damage once built, and that the works carried out don’t damage their assets short or long term.

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